About MPF


Coined in 1996, we currently have 28 CNC Turning Centers including newly imported Sliding Headstock Automat and Vertical Machining Center, 21 Automats, 8 2nd Operation Lathes, Centerless grinding Machine, Squeezing SPM, and many other precision machinery equipment to meet every customer demands. We as an enterprise are growing steadily in the market with an average annual growth of about 28 percent. Our new improved location in Harohalli comprises of upto 18000 square feet of shop floor.

Our Quality Policy

We aim at satisfying all our customer needs with the help of a well-disciplined work environment consisting of employees who all abide by the 14-Q policy to maintain the best quality and performance in our operations. This is achieved through a process of continuous improvement with a self-monitory methodology using Escalation Matrix, Barrier Audit. We provide educational training for all our operators to notify them about SPC, 5-S and other policies that are essential for a high quality work place. We have a unique system for resolving our complaints that includes a Master list for all In-House Complaints, as well as Ishiqawa and WHY-WHY systems to rectify the problems in a swiftly and uncompromising manner.

Message from Our CEO

“The fast growth and success of the company goes to a dynamic and well-experienced working team of members. We push ourselves forward with every opportunity possible and continue to give our best to fulfill our customers’ requirements. Every year we reach a new milestone, thanks to the dedication and hard-work of our employees and staff”.